Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Shoes and 5k Registration

I just ordered new shoes for my wife and I on clearance from

I had been asking for a pair New Balance Minimus Zero since October. 

In order to get free shipping I got my wife a pair of Vibram fivefingers SeeYa LS. She loves her SeeYa shoes with a strap and hopes the ones with the laces will be even better.

I also signed up for the St. Paddy's Day Dash Down Greenville 5k

I am hoping to break out of the funk I have been in the past 5 months.
New Balance MR00
Vibram fivefingers SeeYa LS

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back in Action

Things are looking up in my world. After our trip to Reno we completely lost our routine for 3-4 weeks. As January was coming to an end I looked at my calendar and noticed I had only ran 2 miles and had lifted weight twice. Since my post last Wednesday "Why wait till Monday" my mojo is back. I got off my ass and just did it and ENOYED it. 

I dropped 3 pounds since then and I am eating better. I feel better. Yesterday I had to survive on just 900 calories from 6am to 7pm and I though I would die but I just drank more coffee and I was fine. I have been eating enough or overeating for 4 months and forgot that I can control and limit myself.

After 12 weeks of bulking and lifting and 3-4 weeks of no activity I am read to tackle the next 16 weeks.

I am 15-16 pounds of fat above ideal. I am giving myself a June first deadline to lose it. Just in time for 3 trips to the beach we have planned.

Starting Wednesday I am giving up gluten, alcohol, fried foods, and all nonessential communication tools. 40 days of freedom!

Starting Monday we are following an 8 week program called The Texas Method that I downloaded from the creator of StrongLifts. It is similar to what we just finished except it adds in Pull Ups and Dip and the number of reps and intensity vary from Mon, Wed, Friday.

We are headed to Galveston Island this weekend. It will be in the 60s and rainy. I have not visited my grandmother for a whole year. She is turning 80 this summer and my last visit was on February 2-4 2012 when I ran my fastest half marathon.

February 2012 was the peak of my running conditioning. I had been training for 8 months with a 2 week break in the middle. On 2-5 I ran my fastest Half and on 2-12 I ran my longest ever run (17mi). On 2-19 I was attempting 18 miles and my knee crapped out on me ending all my plans. I am no longer motivated or interested in longer endurance running/racing. I have 8-10 pounds more muscle now and I am not going to waste it away again.

Balance is good in human fitness. Body for life was good balance for me. Running for 20 to 45 minutes is healthy. Doing 5k and 10k races is fun. After my first BFL challenge I swore off cardio and just lifted weights. After that I start running like crazy for 2 years and eventually lifting became a twice a week effort to just maintain my muscle.

How do I combine the best of both worlds? I want to bench press more than 165 pounds. I want to run 10k races in under 54 minutes. I would like to maintain a lean sub 12% body fat year round.