Sunday, October 30, 2011

Training Day 5 Week 11

Challenge 4 Final Pics/Stats

8-7-11: 188 lbs 19% body fat
10-30-11: 173.6 lbs 14.8% body fat
12 week goals:
Lose 8-10 pounds of fat (Lost 10 pounds of fat)
Chest 10 inches bigger than waist (8.25 inch difference)
Average running pace under 9min/mi (Averaged 9min/mi in 4 run of week 12 and 9:06 for the month of October)
Gain 1/2 inch on arms (1 inch gain)
Complete 95-100% of my workouts (Completed 100% plus a few extra)
Limit unhealthy/processed food to every other free day (Did really good until week 8-9)
Run a half marathon at end of Week 13 (7 days away)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Training Day 4 Week 11

Stationary Bike 4.5 miles in 15 minutes. 1 round of tabata sprints.
Elliptical 15 minutes. 5 minute warm up and 2 rounds of tabata sprints.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Training Day 2 Week 11

I actually got up this morning and go in my run. The song Destination Overdrive by Chromeo came on with half a mile left to go and I kept repeating to myself "You can do this" and "Just keep pushing" trying to stay at a 7-7:15 pace. I could feel that my 5mi run yesterday evening had depleted my glycogen and my mind was stronger than my body.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Training Day 1 Week 11

Decided to run in the evening so I could go to work early. It was 83 degrees and I paid for it in sweat (it was 64 this morning) but atleast I got to run at River Legacy Park. Only 6 training run left until the Half.


Woke up on time this morning and I was just not feeling it. I was not tired and it was not too cold outside but I made a compromise with myself that I would go into work early and run after work in the park. I am keeping my eating clean and I had a great UBWO last night. Looking in the mirror I feel like I have backtracking since week 8 and I am trying harder. Today's high in 85 f and this morning it was 65 so I will be paying in sweat during my 5 miles this evening. I plan to take my after picture on Friday after my last strength training and on Sunday after my 10 mile run. Work had been kicking my butt the past 3 weeks and it is going to get busier until the end of the year.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Training Day 3 Week 10

I had a wonderful time on my morning run. It was 46 F and no wind and I just let myself go and ended up with a faster pace than Sunday's 10K.. 5 miles in 42:58 avg pace 8:36 or 6.98 mph.

"The Flowers never bend with the rainfall." - Paul Simon

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quote of the Day

"It's not what you do some of the time that's what you do most of the time."

Training Day 2 Week 10

For some reason I want to post in pictures today. Got in my 2mi run in 15:15.

I used my EAS $10 coupon on a 2lb of 100% Whey. Only $14.99

I was early to work today and watched the sun rise from my cubicle.

Updated my training spreadsheet and had my meal 2.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quote of the Day

"The only thing that will ever stop me is me and I just will never let that happen. It is rarely easy, but then again, is anything that's worth it ever easy"

Training Day 1 Week 10

I ran 5 miles. Inspired by the 10K, re-reading my goal of a 9min/mi avg pace, and the upcoming half I pushed myself harder and decided to not wear my heart rate monitor so I don't worry. I finished in 44:24 with avg pace of 8:52.

Monday, October 17, 2011

C4W11D1 - Bicep/Tricep Supersets & Abs Part 3

I had a good strength training workout this evening. I print a workout log for 4 weeks at a time and was suprised to see next Monday is my last arm & abs workout of the challenge. Is it really week 11?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Training Day 4 Week 9 (FWRC Mercury 10K)

Fort Worth Runners Club Mercury 10K in 54:47
3rd place in age group
25th of 87 overall
I signed up because it was only $8 and my half marathon training program called for it. I won a raffle for a $10 gift certificate from the photographer and received a 1939 dime for 3rd place.

Yesterday's 10K club run was so much fun. It was a nice cool 64 degrees when it started. I spent most of Saturday in a mental battle trying to avoid unclean food that would cause me to bloat as I wanted a pretty light weight for my run. I would say I ate 80% clean and ended up at 177 which is only 5 pounds for than Thursday morning and not bad considering I ate some bad food Friday night. I ate an apple an hour before and a banana about 20 minutes before the race. I did my best to stay hydrated and ended up having to pee really bad during the 45 minute drive to Trinity park. I started off the run listening to System of a Down and ended up going at too fast a pace. I found a good steady pace and got to the halfway in 27:xx and decided I had plenty of energy left. After mile 4 I told myself " This is the last time you have to run until Tuesday. Give it all you've got." I picked up the pace and just focused on the beauty of my surroundings and every so ofter checked my watch to make sure I didn't slow down. In the last mile I caught up to two runners and just pushed as hard as I could and ended up finishing in 54:47. My goal was under 56 minutes and my previous time was 59:12. I ended up 3rd in my age group and 25th of 87 overall. I am now even more excited about the half marathon in 20 days.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday part 2 (Indoor Rock Climbing)

Yesterday I worked until Noon then went to the EAS Sports Nutrition Seminar. If was geared more towards personal trainers and nutritionists/dieticians but I learn some valuable information and it re-ignited my desire to becomes certified and a personal trainer. I only work 4 days a week so I do have the extra time to do it. I skipped out early so I would miss the "cocktail reception" and I got an EAS backback and technical shirt and some free myoplex. Since I was in Dallas got ahold of my cousin and he invited me to go indoor rock climbing with him. I already had an intense workout in the morning but I agreed. I had alot of fun and did 4 courses with ropes and finished 3 of them and then did some bouldering. I got tired and both my calves cramped up so I just relaxed and watched him climb. I was there from 730 till about 10pm and I had only had a myoplex and an apple since noon so I was super hungry. I decided to eat some unhealthy food and now I am counting it as my free day. I am still in bed right now and plan to eat clean because I am running a 10K tomorrow morning. I know I will be sore and I can feel it in my calves, arches of my feet, lower back, and chest and shoulders. He goes every MWF and I might start joining him on fridays in place of a weight lifting workout.

Quote of The Day

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." - Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 14, 2011

C4W10D5 - Chest/Back Superset + Shoulders Part 3

I had the best strength training workout in last 2 months this morning. I am 7 lbs from my goal of bench pressing my own body weight. I have had to use the smith machine recently because I have no workout partner to spot me. I went to Smoothie King (they just keep sending me coupons) and as I was leaving I saw a line of 15-20 people outside the Sprint store. I thought for a second then yelled in my mocking high pitch voice, "Yay iPhone!" I wanted to shout that is is not even 4G LTE as I drove off but realized my antiPod outlook was making me a jerk.

Yesterday I got a text from my sister asking me if I had tried my favorite food porn from the only fast food restaurant that I have not been able to give up completely. In the past I would have craved said item just from the mention it but instead I emailed her that I had indeed tried it and had 2 at a time 3 or more times last fall during my "10k training" and I went on to explain that each one is 490 cal 15g fat 70g carbs and 18g protein. I explained how to modify it to make is less carb loaded then told her about giving up grains. She asked to borrow my Paleo book but instead I just bought her a copy on Amazon. I am always willing to buy people copies of Body For Life, Power of Now, and most recently The Paleo diet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Training Day 3 Week 9

I took time to reintroduce myself with my goals by re-watching my youtube before video. I had forgotten my goal to have a 9min/mi average running pace. My routine is 7 workouts in 6 days each week. Thursdays I usually run in the mornings and lift after work but today I have dinner plans so I am moving my lifting to tomorrow morning. I usually work 4 days a week but I took a half day Monday before I felt like crap so I am working till noon tomorrow. Last week I got a facebook message from EAS inviting me to the EAS Academy Nutrition Summit in Dallas tomorrow. They gave me a code to sign up for free and I will be headed there after work.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Training Day 2 Week 9

This morning it was raining again so I moved my run to the evening and I was lacking energy and it was 79 and humid. My heart rate shot up over 174pm after half a mile and I kept pushing telling myself I would take a rest after 1 mile but when I hit a mile I kept going and finished out my 2 mile run. It took a few minutes for me to recover and bring down my heart rate. I think I will stick with running in the mornings. I am doing a 10K this Sunday as my training program calls for it.


It was raining this morning so I am going to do my 2 miler this evening.

It is getting close

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Training Day 5 Week 8

I waited for most of the morning and early afternoon for the rain to stop. I finally gave up and decided to go to the gym and get in my 8 miles on the treadmill. I found out the treadmills will only let you set up a program for 60 minutes. Once I reached 6.2 miles I hit stop and reset and kept doing another 1.8 miles. Ended up with 8 mi in 75:50.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Training Day 4 Week 8

We slept in today and I had to beg to get to go to the gym because we were short on time. I was suppose to do 50 minutes of cross training but my bike is broken. I went to the gym and did a very intense Elliptical session with a 3 minute warmups and 3 rounds of TABATA sprints moving up to the highest resistance.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

C4W9D4 - Bicep/Tricep Supersets & Abs Part 3

Short wide hairy hobbit feet.

Training Day 3 Week 8

Feeling alive and loving life!

I did my last 4.5mi training run this morning in 41:41. For the next 3 weeks I will be doing 5mi every tue/thur. I was bummed out the last 2 days but today I feel rested and revived. I jumped on the "RNG" this morning to record my weekly weight and it showed a number I have only seen twice, once during my first challenge and once when I got sick, 172 lbs. I am down 11.8 pound and 3.6% body fat. If I lose 1 more pound I will be at the lowest weight of my adult life. What is exciting to me is I have been focusing on running, lifting, and eating Paleo and my weight has been just a side note that I do not put too much focus on anymore. I am working up the courage to cancel my appointment at the Chiropractor tonight. I called yesterday to say Ellen could not make it and I wanted to reschedule but the receptionist was unwilling to move it to November 4th and said she would just note that she can't make it. I have read that Maximized Living networks is a scam.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Training Day 2 Week 8

I did my 2 mi run in 15:35 shaving off another 16 seconds. My goals is to get in under 15 minutes at a 7:30 pace or 8mph.

I have decided to start going to yoga again. I was going for 4 months straight and I felt great. I know the chiropractor is going to try to convince me to do some long expensive rehab program and I am getting the impression I won't be able to run. I am suppose to go back tomorrow evening but the paperwork says my spouse must be there and Ellen will not be in town until late. I am planning on rescheduling my visit 4 weeks from now so we can both be there and I can finish my half training. My back pain is less than a third of what it was back in November and yoga helped almost eliminate it. I am glad I know my spine is curved due to Scoliosis and I will find a different chiropractor to get a second opinion this winter.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last night I got the X-ray results from my chiropractor. A few weeks ago I got a free neck scan at my gym from a local chiropractor. I decided to check it out because sometime I get pain in my middle back and right foot from running. It was the worst back in December/January and not as bad since I got new shoes. They offered me an exam and x-rays for cheap and I went in last Wednesday. Last night I went it for the results and an adjustment. Turns out I have a slight case of Scoliosis. In the past this would have brought me down and crushed my motivation but I am going to keep going strong.

In other good news I just got an email saying Ellen ordered the Gymboss interval timer from She did not tell me about this but she has really been into the BodyRock.TV workouts.

Training Day 1 Week 8

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Training Day 5 Week 7

I went for a 7 mile run. I was not as hydrated as I would have liked to be and I did not start my run until 11am. It was a nice cool 70 degrees out but it was sunny with no clouds. I kept a 10 min/mi pace the first 5 miles and then picked up the pace the last 2 and finished in 1:08:16.