Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Years

June 6th was 2 years since I first decided to make an effort to join a gym and start working out.
I was 246 lbs
You can see by the look in my eyes how I felt.

I am motivated again (for the third time) and still making progress and moving forward. It never ends. There is always something to strive for and goals to be set. If I let go of my goals and stop setting them I fall back. I will never fall back as far as I was because I own a scale and have my limits. I have new habits that keep me from going to back to the way I was. I was happy on the outside but hurting and not confident on the inside. A year from now I am marrying to woman I love very dearly. She is also committed to being healthy I hope we can encourage each other.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's official!

It's official!

This past weekend Ellen and I traveled to New Orleans. I had been planning the trip for almost 6 months. In November I gave her a promise ring saying I will wait for her to finish school and marry her. After saving and planning I wanted the proposal to be romantic since we both already knew marriage is something we want. We got into NOLA Thursday night and met up with her friend from WTAMU. On friday we got up early and walked to breakfast. After lunch I took her thru the French Quarter and Jackson Square. I set up my tripod so we could take a picture in from of St. Louis Cathedral. After the we took the picture I dropped to my knee and asker her to marry me. She was laughing and crying hysterically. It was very hot so we went to sit in the shade. I reminded her she had not given me an answer yet. I put on her ring and she said yes.