Friday, July 30, 2010

March 22nd to May 14th to July 16th

March 22nd to May 14th to July 16th
From March to May:
I got kinda lazy with my workout routine (no cardio) and my eating habits were kinda laid back

From May to July:
I did alot of traveling but did an ok job keeping with a routine and eating healthy whenever possible.

May 14th:(Bottom)
177.6 lbs
17.3% body fat

May 14th:(Middle)
178.6 lbs
18.1% body fat

July 16th:(Top)
17.8% body fat

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Weight loss / fitness journey so far...

1-17-09 to 3-5-2010

227 to 172 pounds

I felt overweight since 1st grade when a girl in class called me fat. I was a healthy weight until middle school. I know in 5th grade I weighed 95 lbs and in 8th grade I was at 183. I hit 200 in 9th or 10th grade and by my Junior/Senior year I weighed 245.

2001 (High School)

I gave up sodas in college but I got big and don't know how much I weighed.

The picture below was taken 8 months after I got my degree and I had given up fried food for 4 months but I still ate very poorly.

July 4 2007

7-3-2007 Weight ?

New Job

On March 17th 2008 I started my current job weighing 255ish.

There is a subway close by and it was right about the same time they started the $5 footlongs. I lost 9 pounds eating subway for 3 months and no exercise. I have been focused on Health and Weight loss since June 2008. I joined a gym and ended up with a trainer. I weighed 246 and hit the ground running.


6-6-2008 (246)

I gave up all meat except fish and eggs in October 2008 and by the end of 2008 I was down to 229. On New Years Eve my family decided to start a Biggest Loser contest.


1-17-2009 (227)

From Jan 1 to May 14, 2009 was round one. I lost 20 pounds down to 209. Then round 2 was from May 15 to Oct 1, 2009 and I lost 24 pounds and won round two at 185. I was no longer with a trainer and I moved to a new house. I had been reading articles online and found one by Scott LaPierre called How I Won the 2003 Body-for-Life Challenge.I researched BFL and started my challenge Dec. 14th

Body-for-Life Challenge Week 1 Front

December 17, 2009 at 182 (I started eating chicken again).

Body-for-Life Challenge Week 1 Front

March 6, 2010 at 172. I enjoyed it and finished (with some motivation issues)

I started my second Challenge March 22, 2010 at 177.

Week 1 to 8 Progress

Update 5-20-2010

3 years

Update 7-3-2010 Gained 4.6 lbs of muscle and 6 lbs of fat since 3-6-2010 (182.6)


Update 7-23-2010 (179)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breaking Point?

Yesterday was a tough one. I almost gave up.
I was out of town July 2-6. I went for a jog the first day of vacation and I ate well, even on Sunday my free day. On my drive home from South Padre Island I got a call from my roommate asking if I was home because our front door was open. He called back a few mins later and told me that someone had broken in an some things were stolen.

His amp, effects pedal, and MacBook plus my Guitar and Bass Guitar.

This was about 4pm and I did not get home till 10pm. We called the police and filed a report. I was up late and over slept yesterday morning. Running late and with no food at the office I ate breakfast from McDonalds. At lunch I was starving but managed to go to the grocery store and get the usual healthy food. I updated my workout tracker and calendar. I was determined to get back to working out. I ate a small snack around 5pm. When I got home around 7pm my fiance didn't want to go to the gym and just wanted to rent a movie. We talked for an hour and I upset her with something I said. At this point I was starving and working out was not an option. We stopped at Arbys on the way to the movie rental place. I got two Beef and Cheddar sandwiches and a Strawberry Banana Split Shake. I told her I feel like giving up. I don't like to go over a week without a workout. When we got to the movie place we decided it was too late to watch a movie. We went to bed so we could get to the gym at 5am to run. I got up around 5 and tried to wake her. 5:15 came around and I said if we dont leave in 5 minute we won't have time to run. She asked if I am getting up. I told her I give up.

I got to work and noticed my cousin had posted some pictures from the reunion on facebook. There was one of me and my brother on the beach together. It re-inspired me to stay on course. (The date stamp is wrong)

It reminded me of a picture taken in March 2007.