Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Training Day 2 Week 8

Today after work I had to drive to Central Market in Fort Worth to pick up race packets for the Rahr 5k. I did not get in my run this morning so I just decided to run the trinity trails starting near the Zoo.

Playing around with my watch I figured out how to change my auto lap from 1 mile to 0.25mi. I also used virtual training partner and plugged in to do 7 miles in 60 minutes.

I started my run as the sun was getting low on the horizon. I knew I had to average 8:34 per mile to finish in a hour. I reached my first quarter mile in 2:10 so I sped up slightly. After about a mile I just got in the zone finishing each quarter mile in 2:06 to 2:07. In my third mile I slowed down just slightly so I got out a gel pack as I was close to the 3.5mi turnaround. Unlike usual I did not slow down while taking my energy gel and I somehow choked on it. I started coughing to clear my throat and almost vomited. I drank some water and took a short walk break.

When I started back up I stuggled to keep a 9 min pace. By the end of mile 5 I felt like stopping but now it was dark and I was 2 miles away from my car. I kept going but my running form was suffering. I was having trouble breathing from not being able to clear my throat.

I got back to my starting point in 1:03:31 and drove to the gas station to get some chocolate milk.

My left calf and right heel hurt and I rubbed two blisters on my right foot. 3 days until the 5k!

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