Monday, December 16, 2013


Today is the first day of my new challenge. I woke up 35 minutes before I had to get up. No time for a workout before catching the 6:15am train to work but I plan to get one in this afternoon or evening. Nutrition so far has been greek yogurt and granola. Lunch will most likely be a grilled chicken salad. 200ml of water down a 3 liters to go.

I took my before pictures yesterday. I went on a run and it hurt. Did 2.4mi and felt like quitting 15 minutes into the run. It was sunny and in the 50s so I could not pass up the opportunity.  Later in the day Ellen and I rode our bikes because it was so nice.

My job contract ends two weeks from tomorrow and I am going to have to push hard to keep a consistent routine until then. Once it is up I will be working from home on Monday & Wednesday and commuting by train to work on Tue/Thur and maybe Fridays if my work load calls for it. If I do cardio MWF and weight TTHS then I will not have to buy a gym membership. I do want to pay a year pass to the city gym for only $150.

Things are looking up and good nutrition happens one choice at a time.

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  1. What happened. Did you complete the challenge?