Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good News

After 2.5 years of being long distance my wife is moving in with me this weekend. We have been married about 6 months. I am flying to Amarillo after work and riding back with her and very excited.
Now that I am back in training it is run run run. I did 5 miles last night right after it stopped raining. It was 66 degrees with over 80% humidity and I got to wear my bright yellow tank top. Finished in 46:22 and I felt good. 9 hours later I was back at it again with a 3.1 miles run. I felt fresh and full of energy even though I skipped diner. My diet has be pretty bad this week. I pushed hard to keep my pace steady and finished my 5k in 26:34 which is my fastest solo road 5k and my second fastest 5k time. It go me very excited about training and the Marathon is exactly 4 months from today.
Somehow I let something slip my mind yesterday. My 2 year anniversary since the start of my first challenge. I am 2 pounds light today than then but stronger and faster. Ellen told me yesterday she wants to start a new challenge Monday and I am super glad. I plan to do one with her except I will be doing 4 days cardio and 2 days strength training a week. Also, Ellen might have a job lined up starting in January when we get back from Reno.

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