Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marathon Training Day 3 Week 1

I felt fresh and full of energy even though I skipped diner. My diet has be pretty bad this week. I had my best solo training 5k time and my 2nd best road 5k time. 26:34. I am getting even more excited about the Big D Marathon 4 months from today.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but after my half marathon my big toes were super sore. Since I land on my front foot when I run, and mid-foot when I get tired. During the Half my toes were cramped against the front of my shoes and rubbing. I went to a running store to get sized and fitted yesterday and found out my current shoes and too short and too narrow. My left foot is a 9.5 and my right foot is an 8.5 and they recommended going up a full size for marathon running since your feet swell. I also found out losing toenails is pretty common. I lost my left big toenail 3 weeks ago. Here is a picture of my healing progress. The day of race, 2 weeks later, and 6 weeks later (today). My new phone has a better camera.

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