Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chest/Back, Shoulders, and Bicep/Tricep Supersets

I have cut back my running recently. Last week ended a 28 week streak of running 3-4 days a week. This is the first time I have quit training or cut back that was not due to injury. 

My goal marathon was causing more stress than excitement so I quit my program training in week 8 of 18 weeks.  I have 14 days to relax and focus on lifting weights before I start training for the Cowtown Marathon. It is in my hometown and is more special to me. My parents ran the 10k back in the early 80s. Ellen and I did the 5k together 2 years ago and I limped thru the Half Marathon earlier this year a week after I injured my knee. 

Thurs night we went out for dinner and I left my car at the restaurant so I would be motivated to run on Friday morning (my day off). When Ellen left for work I ran the long way (4 miles) to pickup my car. A couple hours later I had my most intense strength training work in about a year. A year ago I was doing alot of low rep superset workouts. On my way into the gym I got on my blog and downloaded my logs from 8-3-11 and 8-6-11 and combined them (minus burnouts and Abs) into 66 minutes on "torture." I was able to lift the same amount or more on everything except shoulder shrugs. Saturday morning when I woke up I said to Ellen. "My everything hurts."

My DOMS lasted 3 days and I am looking forward to going back for more "torture" tomorrow. Also, I am considering doing the GOMAD diet for 4 weeks (google it). We started back up on Paleo again yesterday and planned to stick to it for 5 weeks until Ellen's birthday. Since May we both put back on what we lost from February to April. If I mix Paleo with GOMAD I guess it will call it the Nomad GOMAD Challenge. The past two years I put on 8-10 pounds from the last weekend in September until the end of the year. I might as well do it the right way.

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