Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Run and Racquet

I met up with my running buddy and found out he had not ran since the 5K we did at the brewery 2 months ago. Luck for him I am slower than I was a few weeks ago and we just did 2 miles. He stopped to walk twice and we finished in 19 minutes. 45 minutes later I met up with another friend to play racquet ball for the first time. I was worn out from a long day and the run but I had fun and play for an hour until my right arm/shoulder started to hurt and I was seeing stars. Now that I have an idea of the rules I want to start playing. My gym that I have been going to for over 2 years has 4 or 5 courts and I got a racquetball racket and goggles for Chrismas in 2003 or 2004 in the peak of my lazy days. I should try and find them and dig it up. They have never been used.

I don't want tomorrow to be another X on my workout calendar. I have 7 X's on my calendar since mid-July (4 months). Three of them are 2 funerals and the other 4 are from sleeping in or being lazy. I guess missing today would be ok but I would like to atleast get in a short cardio session or a LBWO. Turkey day will no doubt include some extra calories. I washed all my workout clothes and I am brining them with me. I plan to run Thursday morning and get in a weight workout with Ellen on Friday (she promised). As you might noitce I am typing more than usual. I started drinking coffee again last week after a 3 month break.

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