Friday, November 18, 2011


I have not posted in 8 days. Life got in the way. I took off last week from any activity and I ate pretty bad junk food. This Monday I missed my first scheduled workout in 16 weeks. My Uncle passed away Saturday from 3 year struggle with Parkinson's disease. My family and I left town after work Monday night and drove halfway down to south Texas. We made the rest of the drive Tuesday and visited with our family. Wednesday morning was the funeral service and we made the 9 hour drive home afterward. I am working all weekend and my next day off is Thanksgiving. The roadtrip continued my poor eating that started as soon as my challenge ended 2.5 weeks ago. I did my first strength training workout in 20 days last night. I planned to go to spin class this morning but I slept past it. Last week I decided to continue my training but on Tuesday I did my first run in 8 days and my left knee still hurts from the half marathon. I really want to be weak and lazy thru the holidays and start over in January but I have already gained back 10 pounds (4.5lbs of it fat) in 3 weeks.

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