Friday, July 6, 2012

C5W4D5 - 5K

This morning I woke up on a mission, set a new 5k PR. I skipped my workout yesterday so today I am running in the morning and lifting lower body in the afternoon. I need to do laundry and my only clean underpants are my flash boxers and I only wear them to celebrate setting new running personal bests.

I decided to reverse the 5k route I have been running to give me 2 mile of flat and 1 mile of hills at the end so it is more like the Rahr 5k course. I started from my gym parking lot and ran up the side of Loop 288 in the grass for half a mile then turned on to Shady Oaks Dr. I was running right at an 8min pace I finished mile 1 in 8:03.

 I kept my pace and focused on my form and posture making sure to lift with my foot and not push off. I finished mile 2 in 8:01 right as the base of the the biggest hill. I sped up and pushed hard but I had slowed down to 8:25 when I reached the top. I used the downhill to get to a 7:15-7:30 pace and I felt good.

I came up on the second smaller hill with 0.25mi to go. I kept saying to myself "You can do this" and "Just do it" so I would not slow down. With less than 0.1 to go I gave it everything I has left and finished in 24:24 beating my PR by 38 seconds.

I am excited to see what I can accomplish in the next 4 weeks before I really increase my mileage. 21 min 5k does not seem that far off and 12 weeks until the Rahr 5k.

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