Monday, July 9, 2012

6 Month Progress Pics (Week 4 C5)

This morning a took my monthly progress pictures. These are my Week 4 pictures for my 5th BFL Challenge and my 6 month pictures for my 12 month fitness jounrey. I have packed on some pounds/fat in recent weeks but it was planned and I am still making progress in my 12 Month Challenge. Gone are the days of working hard and eating well for 3 months only to fall back during 2-5 weeks of poor eating. This is a 12 Month Long Personal Fitness Challenge. Up until Thursday I managed to stay under 172 for 16 straight weekly weight-ins. Thursdays weight in came the day after July 4th so I am not surprised 4 pound gain. I packed on 6 pounds Celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary with no regrets. I have drank beer regularly the past 16 days but today I am going back to weekend only. I have a feeling the bloating will drop by a large amount this coming Thursday.

I am miles ahead of where I was a year ago. (No pun intended)

11 Months (8-7-11 to 7-9-12)
11 Months (8-7-11 to 7-9-12)

Here is part of my blog I post a year ago (7-7-12)
"Still no workout yet. I forgot how easy it is to get out of a routine. Luckily I do not work Fridays and there will be nothing to stop me from a hard UBWO tomorrow. This heat is hurting my desire to run. yesterday it was 103f (39.4c) and today the high is 101 and 99 is the lowest temp in the 10 day forecast, it must be July (feels like August). I know I should run around 5am when it is a cool 79-80f (26c) degrees or just hit the treadmill at the gym. 19-20 days is the longest I have done with no workout since 2008. I did my weekly Thursday morning weight log in my spreadsheet and I am up 3 pound of fat my last log on 6/16. I am not looking for sympathy I am more doing a state of the union of my fitness world."

1-9-12 to 7-9-12
1-9-12 to 7-9-12
I was in the best shape in March and May
Better posture than last month

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