Thursday, June 16, 2011

Avalanche of old habits

In March 2010 I went to the Dallas Seminar. (I would like to pre-face that I not longer support Transformation.) Bill Phillips said this and it stuck with me. I am of course paraphrasing,
"We always have to keep moving forward because that avalanche of old habits and thoughts is right behind us and the minute we stop it will overtake us and we will be right back to our old way of living"
I like BFL program and Bill wrote the book so I give him credit I just do not support his new program. That being said here is a good post by Bill.
"The motivation to transform is high when you're hanging on by a thread. For example, a drowning man makes all kinds of promises to God that he will right his ways and change his life. But once his feet are firmly back on the ground, his motivation to do the work necessary to change instantly becomes very low. He is comfortable again.
All too often this happens in the transformation process. When someone has a personal health scare or reaches a moral rock bottom, their willingness to commit themselves to the transformation process is high. Their compliance is strong. They're excellent students and they get great results. Their results can be so good, in fact, that their motivation to keep on growing all but dissolves. And they find a new comfort zone, which leads to transformation trouble.
It's imperative we understand that every comfort zone becomes a "comfort trap" eventually. Any place that we can hide out and indulge in excessive amounts of so-called pleasure will become dangerous as it fosters apathy addiction, as well as removes us from the natural flow of evolutionary pressure. The key is becoming more comfortable with continual change and less comfortable with staying the same. And that is so important in our transformation process. But, unfortunately, it's something that we can easily overlook.
To keep moving forward, .... continually accept new challenges and invite positive pressure into your life. This works most every time. Challenges like transforming your life's greatest adversity from tragedy to triumph, to overcome an addiction, or even train for and complete a marathon can really keep us on our toes mentally and emotionally. Embracing challenges keeps us in the dynamic flow of life, and it also keeps us from getting stuck..... It also helps us to become more comfortable and excited about life while we're in the process of change."

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