Monday, June 13, 2011


I had a great weekend! 6 of my friends met up at my house on Friday and we drove down south to Float the Comal river. Our group of 10 set up camp around 11pm in the dark and the weather was perfect. 70s at night and mid 90s during the day. We rented tubes Saturday afternoon and had a fun float. The river is has almost a loop and there is an area where you can get out and walk a few blocks and float it over again. I lost my sandals and when I got near the stairs I slipped and fell, but my head broke my fall. (Ouch) Unlike most years I made sure to re-apply 100 SPF sunscreen and I did not get burnt. I did not want to be peeling on our wedding day. I got home around 5-6pm yesterday and planned to take a nap so I could watch the NBA finals but I ended up just going to bed. I was awoken around 10ish with texts saying the Dallas Mavericks won the championship. I was kinda hoping they would lose game 6 so I could see game 7 on Tuesday. Now I am back at work and well rested sipping on coffee. I need to double on water today and finish this week out strong. I will be driving to Colorado after work next Monday.

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