Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Happy National Runners Day!

Here is a link to find a group run near you this evening. There are 6 in my area.

I Ran with my running buddy yesterday at 7pm and it was sunny and hot. We took a Trail from the fountain by his grandparents house to the bridge by the High School baseball fields and then back. 4.21 miles together and I decided to just keep running back to my parents house so I could go watch the NBA Finals. 4.81 miles in 50:13, we stopped to walk a few times.

Clocking in at 44.6 miles May was my second highest mileage for a month since I started running outdoors in September.I did 56.1 miles in November but the first week of December my foot started hurting. I would like to get back to running 12-15 miles a week.

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