Thursday, June 16, 2011


I started out this 6 Week challenge at 176.6 lbs 17.5% Body Fat and today I am 178.8 lbs 18.4% body fat. I had hoped to lean down some more or just keep my progress and I gained 2.2 pounds (2.0 pounds of fat)

Last night I went to the gym with intentions of Spin class and yoga class. About 10 minutes into spin class I decided to skip out on yoga so I upped my intensity and really pushed. My legs were burning, I was breathing heavy, and I was dripping with sweat. I will be out of town the next two Wednesdays so I will not get a chance to do Spin or Yoga again until 7/6. I got home from the gym and took a shower. I paid some bills online then I get hit with intense hunger. I got in my car and drove aimlessly trying to think of places where I could eat a Paleo meal. I ended up at 7-11 by my old university. With protein on the brain I bought 2 hard boiled eggs, beef jerky, almonds, and string cheese. After I scarfed down this meal I parked my car and walked by the bars next to the school. I went into my favorite one but there were a bunch of NHL fans so I left right away. I walked back another one with a big patio and saw and old friend of mine but did not say hello. I walked around in the dark heat then I drove home and went to bed. I had alot on my mind and it felt good to sort out my thoughts in a place that was comfortable to me 3-6 years ago. How do you balance holding onto things from your past and moving on into the future. I feel that aside from some basic personality traits I am not the same person I was in 5 years ago in college and the person I was in college was a 180 degree change from who I was in high school. I embrace change but sometimes pulls your life in a whole new direction at the expense of old friendships. I am excited to become a married man very soon and wonder what the next stage in life will bring. Maybe going to yoga and clearing my mind would have been a good idea. :) At the present moment there is nothing wrong and alot of exciting times coming soon. I guess I am just at a crossroads looking back, examining where I am right now, and moving forward into the future.

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