Tuesday, June 14, 2011

C3.5D6D2 Part II

I ate poorly yesterday and this morning. It happens when I take 3 days off working out and eating clean. Monday is usually a transition day and Tuesday is usually back on track. I am fighting the urge to just go thru the motions until I leave town on Monday for the wedding. I did really good for 3 week after the end of my last challenge but I have been struggling with motivation since I got back from the wedding in Missouri 3 weeks ago. Afterward I pretty much did just running and now it is going to be 100 degrees the next 5 days. http://www.weather.com/outlook/health/fitness/monthly/76013 I hate to admit it but I am kinda bummed I was not able to reach my goal of a 10K in under an hour. I found all those runs in the coming months so I can pick it back up once the Honeymoon is over at the beginning of July. I am in a slump fitness wise but I am excited about the wedding and had hoped to get is peak shape for our Honeymoon. I went to the same place we are going 2 years ago and keep reminding myself I am 30+ pounds lighter and I felt great back then. If only being fit wasn't a mental battle.
It has been more of a mental battle trying to maintain and reach new goals than it was to lose weight from 246lbs to 190 lbs. 190lbs was my only goal for a year and a half and once I reached it I was scared about what to do next. I had a 2-3 month period in-between reaching my "goal weight" and finding and starting body-for-life. I went to the gym 4 days a week but I felt aimless. I was still in the pounds down on scale equals progress mindset. I feel like I have moved past that and I have another mental hurdle to cross to take things to the next level. I don't love running but it is a measurable way to set goal and stay maintained. Alot of the time I feel like with all the exercising I do I should be making more progress on burning off fat. I have had periods where I push really hard but I burn out and eventually realize that I am neglecting other things in my life and losing tough with friends. Going to my friends funeral in March made me rethink how important losing the last of my gut (something I have despised since 1st grade) is in the big picture. I burnt off all my rocket fuel escaping the gravity of obesity and now as I float thru space I see things as infinite. That is what staying uncomfortable is all about, exploring the limits and finding they are limitless.

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