Thursday, July 7, 2011


Still no workout yet. I forgot how easy it is to get out of a routine. Luckily I do not work Fridays and there will be nothing to stop me from a hard UBWO tomorrow. This heat is hurting my desire to run. yesterday it was 103f (39.4c) and today the high is 101 and 99 is the lowest temp in the 10 day forecast, it must be July (feels like August). I know I should run around 5am when it is a cool 79-80f (26c) degrees or just hit the treadmill at the gym. 19-20 days is the longest I have done with no workout since 2008. I did my weekly Thursday morning log in my spreadsheet and I am up 3 pound of fat my last log on 6/16. I am not looking for sympathy I am more doing a state of the union of my fitness world.

Anyone want to critique my diet yesterday? Please note it is Paleo

Eggs, spinach, mushroom, and tomato baked

Pot Roast, Banana Chips, Guacamole

Beef Jerky

Beef, sweet potato, onion, garlic Stew
(I passed on the wine offered)

I found this on a crossfit forum regarding Milk and Paleo:

Are human beings really the only the animal on the planet that requires the milk designed for another species' baby in order to be healthy?

We know that genetically we have changed very little in the last 100,000 years. We also know that it is only in the last 10,000 years that we have domesticated cattle and started drinking their milk. So we know that we have not evolved to drink milk, but is it good for us?

According to Eileen Kennedy of the US Department of Agriculture, “There's nothing against vegetable sources of calcium, but we have to fashion healthful eating around current habits". In other words we can get all the calcium we need from vegetables, but it is easier to get people to drink milk than to eat vegetables.

Although milk's calcium and other nutrients do promote bone growth, confirms Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, nutritional biochemist at Cornell University, other substances in dairy foods (certain proteins and especially sodium) actually leach some calcium from bone.

Perhaps this explains why a 12 year Harvard Nurses Health involving 78,000 nurses found that those who drank the most milk(two or more glasses per day) had a slightly higher risk of arm fracture (5 per cent increase) and significantly higher risk of hip fracture (45% increase).

It may also explain the disparities between calcium intake and bone health that can be seen worldwide. People in countries that consume the highest levels of dairy foods (North American and northern European nations) take in two or three times more calcium, yet break two or three times more bones than people with the lowest calcium intake (Asians and Africans). Epidemiological research suggests a correlation between milk consumption and at least two kinds of cancer prevalent in Europe and North America:breast and prostate.

In the US Physician's Health Study, researchers tracked 20,885 male doctors over 10 years. Those who consumed at least two and a half servings of dairy food per day were 30 per cent more likely to develop prostate cancer than doctors who consumed less than half a serving.

Dr Brett Hill's top 5 tips for ensuring good bone health

1. Regular resistance exercise. Research has shown that exercise plays a larger role in bone density than dietary changes.

2. Reduce your stress levels, stress can cause calcium to be leached out of your bones.

3. Eat plenty of salmon. Salmon has a high level of calcium.

4. Eat plenty of vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. They also contain plenty of calcium.

5. Be wary of acid producing foods, such as processed carbohydrates and soft drinks. The high acid levels created cause calcium to be leached out of the bones to neutralise it.

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