Monday, April 18, 2011

C3W11D1 (Totally Psyched 5K results)

Catching up:
Wednesday: I ran with my running buddy and we did 3.1 miles in 29:10. Later I met up with a friend to talk about the wedding and stayed up way too late.
Thursday: I woke up around 10am and went into work around noon. I only worked a half day Wednesday and Thursday because I am not allowed overtime and I worked 29 hours between Monday and Tuesday. I was dog tired when I got home from work and tried to take a nap because Ellen was arriving in town at 11pm. My weekly schedule was off by a day and Yoga is not offered on Thursdays. I did not want to do cardio because I ran the Thursday before my 10K and hurt my foot and I had a 5K coming up on Saturday. Another big X on my calendar and I was not able to fall asleep.
Friday: Ellen and I hit the gym for an UBWO. I did it in the morning and had tons of energy. I was able to increase the weights on my decline press for a third week in a row going up 30 more pounds on my 6 rep set. I ran errands all day and went to bed early. Eating = Clean
Saturday: It was super windy (40-50mph winds) on Friday but the weather was perfect for the 5K. It was called the Totally Psyched 5K and it was organised by the Psychology Dept. at the University of North Texas. It was in honor of a professor who died running a 5K in December 2009. He was 58 years old and an avid runner since the 1970s. Ellen as I did a 5K together 6-7 weeks ago and we decided to each go at our seperate pace. I finished in 27:37 (last official 5K end of C2 was 29:39) and Ellen finished in 47:53 (faster than her last 5K).

Sunday: We shopped for clothing for the Groomsmen and ate dinner at my parents house. She had me try on a suit she liked but I felt like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

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