Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I had a good UBWO last night and took my Week 8 pictures (I was too busy to do it over the weekend). I changed my UBWO routine last week and this week I upped the weights on Chest, shoulders, and back. My focus this challenge has been my shoulders and building my lower chest. I posted my week 8 pictures last night. The biggest change I see is my facial hair and the back of my shoulders are a little more defined.

My three new favorite!

Decline chest press

Low Seated Row

Preacher curl with fixed weight EZ bar. My hands were shakey after my 8 rep set.

6 reps max:

Monday (C3W9D1)

Chest (Decline)-240lbs

Shoulders (Dumbell side raises)-70lbs

Back (Low Seated Row)-200lbs

Biceps(Preacher Curl)-80lbs

Triceps(Cable Pulldown)-150lbs

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