Thursday, April 28, 2011


This challenge was going full force until week 5. Weeks 5-8 were a huge struggle. I got my head back in the game day 5 of week 8 and started focusing on my workout intensity. Fastfood and beer have been an issue still but I am maintaining the progress I made the first few weeks and this is the longest (10 weeks)I have maintained being in the 170s. I want to finish strong and getting food poisoning was the last thing I needed. I did not do my morning HIIT today but I plan to do a 5K with my running buddy tonight. Tomorrow Ellen will be here and we will do our UBWO together and afterward will will take progress pictures. My sister and the maid-of-honor live a town apart and are coming to visit for the weekend. Denton Jazz & Arts fest is a fun free event and alot of my friends are coming to town and I will have a full house this weekend. After I finish my Cardio on Saturday I will just relax and enjoy the weekend. Next week will not be an active Rest and I plan to continue the BFL routine another 5 weeks. Luckily that will put the end of my challenge as 6/5/11 and I am running a 5K with DebbieMo on 6/4/11. Then I can take a week or two of active rest before the wedding.

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