Monday, April 25, 2011


It is Week 12 for the Coffe Crew BFL challenge! Give it 110% and hit your 10 on everything this week because next week is AR. I did my 2nd ever outdoor HIIT yesterday and it felt good. 2.12mi in 20 mins. I am ready to tackle week 12 and beyond. It is exactly 2 months (61 days) until the wedding and I still have 5+ pounds of fat to lose. My younger brother is over 4 inches taller than me and 10 pounds lighter and that inspires me to step it up a notch. Honestly the weekend are what kill my progress and I need to get free day down to just a free meal. If wine is red carbs I need to get my amber carbs under control. They have gotten a little out of hand the past 4-5 weekend and I even had one weekday. I have added weight to atleast 2 muscle groups every exercise since week 9 and trying for a new PR every HIIT. 9-10s in exercise and about a 7 in nutrition...

A clean diet would transform things for me. The motivation is there, the intensity is there, and the desire is there. I need to have structured weekend and I need to cook at home a pre-plan my meals. I do not feel like a victim because I own my mistakes and choices. I also decided that on May 16 until the wedding I am going back to a pescatarian diet like I did the year and a half before my first BFL challenge. I found the inability to eat certain foods really limited my choices and made eating out healthier and eating fast food barely an option. As for the amber carbs I need to remain focus on the end goal and not get caught up in the weekend mentality or feeling an unspoken peer pressure in social situation and even more important is avoiding those said situations. Not to mention I could use the money I save by avoiding it. I can picture every weekend between now and the wedding in my head.

This weekend: Denton Jazz & Arts Fest

May6-8: No plans

May 12-15: Fly to Amarillo

May 20-22: Drive to a Wedding in Southwest Missouri

May 27-29: Memorial Day Weekend and last time I will see Ellen before the week of the wedding

June 3-5: 5K in Dallas and hopefully meet DebMo

June 10-12: Bachelor Camping Trip is possible

June 17-19: Work on the weekend

June 25: Wedding!

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