Monday, April 4, 2011


Goodbye March, Hello April!

I am excited about the last month of the challenge and it ends the weekend of the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival and my 2 year anniversary of my first date with Ellen. March was a tough month but I am not giving up and I feel I am improving my all or nothing perfectionist attitude.

In March I:

Got Sick

Hurt my back

Went to a wedding out of town

Went to a funeral out fo town

Got a speeding ticket

Almost got in a fight during a jog

Wedding planning started to get stressful

Noticed I have high blood pressure

Ran the fastest I have ran yet 5K, 1mi, and 20 min HIIT

Got 3rd place in my families Biggest Loser Contest

Celebrated 3 years at my job

Ran more miles (34.6) total than February (22.5) even with a week off

Ate pizza for the first time this year (an entire one)

Drank too much and had free weekends instead of free days

Some good, some bad but I will continue moving forward. For some reason maintenance is harder for me than weight loss mode.


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