Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here what I have been up to since Thursday morning.
Thursday evening I ran with my running buddy on our new route that has more hills. I did 3.02 in 28:02. Friday I did not workout and did alot of wedding planning. Saturday morning I went for a jog at the park. I wanted to up my distance so I did a slow steady pace. I got to the park later than I planned and had to cut it short doing 3.33mi in 33:02. Sunday was more wedding planning. In the evening I went to the park with Ellen and one of her bridesmaids. They walked the dogs while I went for a jog. I was attempting 5 miles but only ended up doing 4.08mi. Yesterday I took Ellen to the airport then hungout with my cousin at his apartment pool. I will not see Ellen for 21 more days. 25 days until the wedding.

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