Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Journey

I think it great that my time is improving or atleast back to where it was in October. My goal is distance but any speed improvement is very welcome. I am looking forward to my 14 miles this Saturday. 13.1 is my longest run and I am finally ready to admit I like running. This is week 6 of my 18 week program. That mean that this Weekend is 12 weeks from the marathon. I did my half training from August to November and full training December to April so I feel like I am in a long journey. My 10 year high school reunion is this summer so it is my motivation to not slack off after the marathon.

I am reminding myself that the goal now is fat-loss and endurance so I need to stop eating and training like I am trying to gain muscle mass. Last night I did not get to the gym until 7pm and when I got home I ate a chicken breast and a pork chop an hour before my bedtime. I was 3 hours late to work yesterday because I slept in with Ellen on her first day of her new job. Needless to say the late meal and sleeping in kept me from falling asleep by my ideal 9pm bedtime. I moved my run to this evening.

13 weeks to lose 13 pounds. Sounds do-able to me. The last 8 weeks of working out 6 days a week was just a warmup for that is going to happen the next 12-13 weeks. I need to get my bulldog grip back on my strict eating.

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