Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marathon Training Day 3 Week 5

I struggled again today to run. I decided on the treadmill since it was 32 f outside with 25 mph winds. I have been starting out my 5k treadmill at 7.0mph then adding 0.1mph every kilometer then kicking way up to 9.5 the last .2 miles. Today I started at 6.5 and it felt like 8.0. I had to hold on the whole time and slowly sped up to 7.0 at the end and 8.5 the last 0.1 mi. I ended up with 27:52 and it felt way hard than the 25:05 I did on Tuesday. Maybe I need more carbs?

The race weight book I am reading recommends 5-6g of carbs per kg of goal weight for my amount of weekly training. That is about 370 grams! Following paleo the carbs tend to be 150 gram or lower. I did just fine with that during my half training but my weekly mileage only got up to 22 miles and my longest run was 10 miles. I am new to the whole endurance athlete thing and I guess I need more fuel as I get up to 36 miles in a week and 20 miles in a single run. The book is about losing weight for a race and 300g of carbs might be ok. It also says you can have up to 40% of your calories from fat as it helps with fat-oxidation during low to moderate intensity exercise. I will start eating before my runs now. Prob just a banana.

Ellen has lost 4 pounds in 7 days and according to my BF monitor it was all fat. I added her to my spreasheet I have been filling out every Thursday for 3 years. I lost 0.8 lbs fat and 14 to go.

I plan to relax and carb load so I am not sluggish Saturday!

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