Monday, June 11, 2012

BFL Challenge 5

I am glad to have Ellen and my friend Joe starting a new BFL challenge with me today. I just printed off 12 weeks worth of workout logs.
I printed it double sided, cut it, and stapled it together to made a 4"x5" booklet to fit in my pocket. I have been doing four 6 rep supersets for a long time so it will be fun to change it up to this five set 12-6 rep pyramid. That last set is a 12 rep superset and those 24 reps burn nicely. I have not had a good DOMS in my upper body in a long while.
Last Monday we got the first eggs from our chickens. 2 of the 4 are laying and we had 8 eegs in 7 days. This morning Ellen cooked breakfast (and lunch) and we had our first homegrown eggs. They were sooo delishous. We drove to Dallas yesterday to buy healthier chicken feed and to got whole foods. Now that our kitchen is stocked there no more reason to continue the poor diet I have been on the past 4 weeks.
In week 9 of this challenge I start my marathon training so I have every workout planned out from now until the Marathon in December.

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