Friday, June 1, 2012

Back/Bicep Supersets

This morning I did my nice and short bicep and back routine. I changed it up a little and was done in 28 minutes. Ellen is going out of town this weekend for a "Ladies Weekend" with my mother, sister, aunts, and grandmother. It will be this first time we have been apart for more than 15 hours since she moved in with me 6 months ago. I had plans to do an Adventure Race tomorrow running 3-4 miles, biking 7-14 miles, and canoe or kayaing for 25-35 minutes but it is a two person team event and my friend than told me about it isn't responding to me. I don't have his phone number just his email and facebook. If I dont hear back by this afternoon I will try to break my 5k time tomorrow since the low tonight is 60 from all the rain we have had. My outdoor 5k PR is 25:02 and my treadmill PR is 23:48 so anything faster than either would be awesome.

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