Thursday, June 28, 2012

C5W3D4 - HIIT/5K

This morning I could not decided if I wanted to run a 5k or do a 20 min BFL style HIIT workout. I ran out of steam after 3 miles on my "long" run on Saturday. I had been running less than 3 miles a run for 3 weeks. I decided to run for 2 minutes before I decide which workout to do.

 I started out my run around a 9 minute pace and decided to do intervals. I felt heavy as I ran but had extra energy. I was able to get under an 8 min pace during minute 6 while running uphill. After my second 4 minute set of intervals I was at Shady Oaks drive and decided to keep moving forward instead of turning around committing myself to a 5k loop. It felt cooler running on the dark empty road. I ran my 3rd set of intervals a little faster. During the last set I was determined to maintain under a 6:45 pace (my goal pace for the Rahr 5k) for the 1 minute high point. I got up to 6:33 then I did my 1 minute cool down finishing my 20 min HIIT workout in 2.44mi. My previous best was 2.26mi two weeks ago.

 Seeing a new outdoor 5k time in reach I pushed hard as I got on the grass along Loop 288. I maintained a 7:45 pace until 2.95mi when I noticed I was slowing down. I gave all I had left finishing at a 7-7:30 pace hitting 5k in 25:20 just 17 second slower than my best outdoor 5k. Part of my New Years Resolution was to run a 5k under 25 minutes. I have done it on the treadmill but not outdoor yet.

Next Thursday I WILL beat my 5k time while setting a new HIIT distance as long as July 4th does not get in the way. Maybe I should switch my 2 mile Tuesday with my HIIT Thursday workouts.

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