Thursday, June 14, 2012


I took Winston with me for my 20 minute BFL style HIIT run. We did 2.26 miles. I found the fastest he can handle is an 8min/mi pace. Last week I only ran once and I had not run outside in 11 days. Ellen worked out on the elliptical and has exercised 3 days this week. I am proud of her developing a good routine even though she "Would give anything to go back to bed" this morning.
I hopped on the scale and I am back under 170 with a 1.6 pound fat loss for the week. This is my biggest loss since week 1 of our Primal Challenge 8 weeks ago.

Update: 7am I plugged in my HIIT run into my spreadsheet and this is my longest outdoor BFL stle HIIT I have done. I put all of my 20 min HIIT workoust since I started logging my runs in September 2010 into a separate worksheet and I made this chart. (Blue is treadmill and Green is outdoors).

Then I decided that the chart is slightly misleading due to the large gaps between workouts so I made this chart using the same data. I trained for a 10k Nov 10 till Jan 11. I took off  a month in Jun/July 11. Then from Aug 11 to Feb 12 I was doing half/full marathon training. I plan to do a BFL HIIT workout once a week until the end of July.

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