Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Barefoot" Day 2 Week 7 (1000th mile)

This morning it was thundering and raining when the alarm went off. We both just wanted to sleep in and skip our workout but there was one thing driving me. Reaching my 1000th mile since I started running in September 2010 (20-21 months ago). Ellen agreed to do my last mile with me when I asked her last week. We headed to the gym and there was lightning all around in every direction but no rain. I decided that since I had 4.25mi to run I would use the treadmill to be safe. Ellen got on the elliptical behind me and I decided to run a 5k then have her join me for the last 1-1.15mi. I felt really good this morning and started out at 7.0 mph but soon after increased the speed. I finished the first mile under 8 minutes so I bumped the treadmill up to a 7:30 pace. I felt like I could maintain the pace fairly easy and could even go faster. After mile 2 I increased to 8.2 mph then 8.4 and when I got to 2.75mi I just to to 8.6 mph (7:00 pace). I ramped up the speed to 9.0 finishing the 5k in 23:54. I signaled Ellen to join me and slowed down for 0.15mi while she got setup. We did 0.25mi together and she said she hates the treadmill so we went outside to finish the last 0.75mi.. The rain had stopped and it was windy and cool in the 60s. We ran at a 13-15 min pace for 0.38mi and when we turned around Ellen sped up to a 10mi pace. It felt amazing to be moving at that speed with her in an electrical storm and she stayed strong and kept running for 20 feet after we reached 0.75mi and I stopped. That has to be the most enjoyable 0.37 miles I have ran. I love running with my wife, she fuels my spirit and I feel alive.
My passion for running is back after a 5-6 week motivational slump. 
I am all numbers, stats, and charts this morning. 

I want to run as close to a 21 minute 5k as possible at the Rahr Oktoberfest 5k this September. We already signed up back in February.

I kept my motivation alive with the marathon training but the injury set me back so I set my goal to be at 10% body fat by my high school reunion but now I can't go so this gives me something out in the near distant future to strive for again. 

Between the graduation parties and my five day weekend I lost 5 week of fat loss leaning out progress. Now it is time to cut out all the junk and focus on speed while I am running less than 6 miles a run for the next 15 weeks. 

The Flash (comic book character) was struck by lightning which gave him the power of speed. Today I feel the spark of motivation I needed. The scale tipped above 170 for the first time in 6 weeks and I am NOT ok with that (unless it is from muscle gain of course). 

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