Monday, May 9, 2011

6 Week Pre-Wedding Challenge

Today is Day 1 Week 1 of my 6-week Pre-wedding BFL Challenge and I shall refer to it as C3.5. I had a good week of "Active Rest" and for the first time did not gain weight during AR. I had one UBWO, I ran 5K two times and I rode my bike all day Saturday. Mother's day was a feast of food and I had not been that full since Thanksgiving. I need to drink alot of water today and stay focused. I got an email reminder from myself this morning that I am going back to a Pescatarian diet from now until the wedding. I ate only fish/seafood and eggs as my protein source for a year and half before I started doing BFL. I will also have veggie patties and protein shakes. I love eating this way and it takes discipline and really limits my food choices when I decide to go out to eat. As of Friday I was 175lbs and I have never seen my scale below 173 (since 1996-97). My goal is to lose 5-6 pounds of fat in the next 6 weeks. I bought some new tank tops this past weekend.

Happy Monday! Don't let this one be typical.

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