Thursday, May 12, 2011


Good Morning!

Running has really been my main focus for 8 months now! When I started my first BFL challenge my little brother gave me a pair of Nike running shoes that did not fit him. They were a size 12 and I wear between a 9 and 10. Other than being and inch or two too long they fit really well. I have wide feet and have a hard time finding shoes that fit. I usually buy New Balance because they come in 3-4 widths. 8 Months ago I decided to find a pair of running shoes that actually fit and ended up paying way too much of New Balance (even with a $30 gift card). It motivated me to run more and after 2 months I started having pain in my foot and calves. I finished a 10K in January in alot of pain then I stopped running for a while.

When the CCC challenge started I went back to my nike clown shoes and have not had pain since. Today I decided to buy the same pair but a smaller size and found out they only sold them from 2007-2009 :(

Nike has a really cool website and you can make custom shoes on the nike website. They dont make mine any more but I found a similar pair I customized to look similar. I am gonna sell the new balance pair I bought 8 months ago on ebay. I bet I can get atleast half my money back. Next step is to go to a shoe store so I can try them on before I order them online!

Do I really have the money for this?

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