Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Challenge 3 Essay

Challenge 3

Name: BryanL
Category: Men 18-29
Start Date: 2/7/2011 Finish Date: 5/3/2011


Before Stats

Height: 5"7

Start Weight(lbs): 182

Additional Information: Body fat percent 19.1% Pant size 34 Measurements: Neck 15.25in Biceps 14in Waist 38in Hips 38in Thigh 22in Calves 17in


After Stats

Finish Weight(lbs): 175

Additional Information: Body fat percent 16.9% Pant Size 32 Measurements Neck 15in Biceps 15in Waist 35in Hips 35in Thigh 23in Calves 17in

Products Used

Myoplex Strength , Myoplex Lite, Myoplex Carb Control

Workout Locations

At Home
LA Fitness Denton TX

Essay Questions

What was the turning point you experienced that made you decide to compete in the Body-for-LIFE Challenge?

This was my 3rd Body-for-Life Challenge. After my second challenge I decided to focus on running. I ran a few 5Ks then I decided to train for a 10K. I would slowly increased my distance but along with it I also increased the amount of food I ate. By them time I reached my 10K I had gained of 10 pounds and suffered from a sore foot a few day prior to the race. I pushed thru the pain and finished right at a 10 minute mile. After the 10K I had no plan or focus but I will still actively posting on the BFL forums. A group of people started planning to do a challenge together. I had struggled thru my second challenge and decided that joining a group would me stay motivated. The end date of the challenge was the same weekend as a large music festival in my home town and about the time I wanted to be back in shape for my upcoming wedding. I decided to give it my all and joined the challenge with a renewed sense of motivation.
What were your initial 12-week goals?

My 12-week goals were to get back into my size 32 pants and gain muscle mass and shed 12 pounds.
Did you accomplish your goals? What new goals have you set for yourself now that you've completed the 12-week Body-for-LIFE Challenge?

I am now back into my size 32 pants and I lost 6 of the 12 pounds I had planned to lose.
What sources of inspiration did you use during your Challenge (book, Web site, friend or family member, picture, etc.)?

The forums on this website where my biggest source of inspiration. There are many posters that I consider friends even though I have never met them in person. Also, a good friend of mine passed away during the challenge and during his funeral I heard his mom saying he was learning to lift weight and trying to get healthy. From that point on I no longer lifted in autopilot. I changed my routine and set a goal to add weights to atleast two muscle groups each week. My lifting ability increased dramatically and I started tracking my 6 rep set max every workout.
Who would you like to inspire to enter the Body-for-LIFE Challenge and why?

I would like to inspire anyone who thinks they are doing a good job by just going through the motions to really push to reach a 10 every workout.
If you were selected as a Body-for-LIFE Champion and could choose your reward, what would you choose?

If I could choose a reward for being selected as a BFL champion I would choose funding for a personal trainer certification test/class. Ever since I reached my weight loss goal I have wanted to be a trainer and help those that want to make a change but do not know how or need someone to help with accountability.
What two suggestions do you have for improving the Body-for-LIFE Challenge?

After doing 3 challenges I have really come to love the program. It is simple and adaptable to any fitness level or goal. Many people get worked up about timing, calories counting, and extra cardio. Maybe the should be a frequently asked questions section to the website as people seem to be asking the same questions over and over in the forums.
Write your Inner Transformation Essay here:

This was my 3rd Body-for-Life Challenge and first official challenge. In my 1st challenge I had just lost 64 pounds over 18 months but wanted to shed fat and gain back some muscle mass. I lost 7 pounds of fat but hit a wall mentally and lost motivation and did not mail in my entry kit. 4 months later I decided to start another challenge. I had trouble motivating myself to do the cardio and got lazy with my nutrition. Toward the end of the challenge I got a new pair of running shoes and decided to start running outside and signed up for a 5K. I did not lose any weight and did not send in my entry kit. I starting running alot and signed up for a 10K. After I completed it I realized I had gained 14 pound since the end of my first challenge and I was burn out on running. I was still posting in the BFL forum and joined a group that was starting together. I found motivation again with my upcoming wedding. Everything was going great and I was having fast results until week 5. At the end of week 4 I went on a bike ride and wore shorts and a t-shirt but it got cold. After my ride home I started getting sick. Monday I had to leave work early and on Tuesday morning I passed out in the bathroom and hit my back. I was in pain and unable to workout. After that my friend died and after the funeral I went back to old eating and drinking habits. I pulled myself together and decided to finish strong. From week 8 to week 12 I pushed harder than before and I am finally submitting an entry kit.

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