Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Barefoot" Day 1 Week 6

In order to reset my sleep schedule I left a 5-hour energy next to my alarm clock with the seal already peeled. When it went off some time around 4:45am I just unscrewed the top and put it down the hatch. Ellen and I were at the gym parking lot by 5:15am. She headed inside to use the elliptical and I ran outside in a loop in the dark. I finished my first mile in 8:44 and I did not even feel labored. I turned onto Shady Oaks drive (aka The Road to Nowhere)and I just felt alive. There are no street lamps so the only light was the early blue sky at dawn before the sunrise. I was breathing heavy and going up hill but I felt like I could just keep going. It was a cool 65ish degrees which is a nice contrast to the upper 80s I have been running in the evenings. I finished mile 2 in 7:53 and I did not feel like I pushed any harder than mile 1, I was just in the zone. When it came time to cross 288 I did not have to wait for traffic and ran south along the east side of the road. The sidewalk ended so I was careful and aware of each step as I headed off-road in the dark between street lights. The watch beeped 3 miles and I sped up a little finishing 5k in 26:39 and my 3.25mi run in 25:52. Only 8 seconds slower than my 3 mile run on Thursday and my fastest/longest run in my Vibram fivefingers so far. I only ran twice last week missing my run on Tuesday and Saturday so I felt fresh today. I am only in week 6 of "barefoot" running and I am almost back to my 5k PR I set in traditional

running shoes.

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