Thursday, May 3, 2012

Primal Challenge Day 18

Primal/Paleo seems to be the way to go for me. My blood pressure is back to a normal range. I am not intensely hungry very often. I haves lot of energy and focus. The Thursday before the Challenge I logged 171.2 into my spreasheet and this morning I logged 166.2. Back in December/January I set a goal (based off a book) to get to 165 by 4/15 for my marathon. Well that goal kinda lost steam when I got injured. Right now I am running only 3 days a week ("Barefoot" transition) and under 2 miles a run and other than a 5k on May 19th I have no running/race plan until the end of the summer.

You can see from the chart above my weekly weigh in for the past 3.5ish years. I have gotten just under 175 three times only to gain back 10-15 pounds after a short time of maintaining it. My last gain was back in November while recovering from a knee injury, overloaded with work stress, and my Uncle passed away from Parkinson's pretty much all within a week. I put on 9 pounds in 2 weeks thanks to my awesome genetics. I struggled through the holiday season and started my Marathon training the week before Christmas. On January 9th of this year I set out to end the cycle of fluxing from 172-190. You can see it has been a steady downward trend for the past 20 weeks minus pigging out on junk the week after Easter.

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