Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Legs & Core

I have had a terrible week when it comes to motivation and willpower. I feel like for 4 weeks I was running full speed and this past weakend knocked my feet out from under me. Why does my yin always follow with a yang?

I battled an intense craving for Beef & Cheddar and Curly fries fromArby's and beer during my traffic filled 1.5 hour drive home. 

Ellen was hanging out with a friend so I had the evening free and I called a few old friends but nobody answered. Something that was said to me on Tuesday really had me questioning if I am have been too focused on health and fitness and neglecting other responsibilities in my life. I was feel very down. When I was about 10 minutes from home I remembered my new mirrorfor my car arrived today. I decided to go home and install it and if I was still craving shitty fast food I would do get it. Something about fixing my mirror that has been broken since August 2010 made my car feel more completed.Right then I knew that missing my workout would cause more distress than missing out on a craving so I suited up, ate a handful of almonds, and headed to the gym.

I worked on form and changed the way I did my squats. When I attempted a straight leg deadlift with a barbell I felt a pain on the right side of my right thigh so I attempted a lunge and it hurt my right knee. Later when I was doing the seating leg press machine I heard my right knee crunch/pop and it worried me. It did not hurt afterward and I made it thru the rest of my workout with no pain. My knees always hurt when I was a catcher in little league baseball so I am very cautious about hurting them and even more so now that I am a runner. I finished out my workout pretty much the same as last Wednesday except I added more weights, skipped the weighted incline crunch (it was taken), and added a third set of lying twists. 

Feeling like I cheated myself by missing my 3 mile run Tuesday and having a dozen wings and beer instead I decided to shoot to break my 1 mile PR. I know 8.6mph = 6:58min/mi so I just jumped on. I didn't feel like I was dying like I did the last time I attemped a 7 min/mi
and ended in 7:07 back in January.

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