Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mini Legs & Core

Last night we stayed up too late so this morning I did not wake up until 5:30am. Keeping with our agreement I got ready as was out the door by 6:10am and got to work right at 7am. Ellen has agreed to have dinner ready at 6:30pm and I left work and got home almost on time. We ate her delicious Paleo-ish soup and then I went out to the garage. Our garage has been a mess since my old roommate moved out and left all his junk and Ellen moved in and we put more stuff out there. I am looking forward to getting his stuff out when he gets married in September. We plan to have a garage sale in August when all the college kids move into town. My barbell was lying there with two 25 pound weights on it and I figured that was a good starting place. I did 6 front squats followed by 6 dead lifts for two sets. For the third set I added 20 pounds and the 4th I added another 10 lbs. After that I helped Ellen clean out the chicken coop. I went inside and did two sets of 6 lying twists with two 10 lb plates on my chest. Then I loaded about 40 pounds on a dumbbell and did 2 sets of 12 standing side bends in each hands. I did not workout my calves because they were sore from yesterdays run.

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