Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend Funfest

I took the weekend off of training and have fun with family and friends. We had lots of sun, fun, music, and booze. Ellen and I still stuck to our Primal diet (with an exception for grain brewed beer). There was even a Wild Game food tent at the festival and we had wild boar sausage. From Friday night to Sunday night was one long fun time. I took a half day Monday to sleep in. Monday night I did not workout since it was our 3 year anniversary of our first date. I did a quick 1.5mi run last night after 3 days off.

I stepped on the RNG this morning thinking oh crap... Then it read out 167.0.(Down 1.4 lbs)  I figured it was wrong and tried again, 166.8...

It just hit me a few minutes ago. I am 2 pounds away from 90 total pounds lost. Starting out I thought I had 50 pounds to lose.

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