Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Control

Today I got to work early. I feel back in control. The scale is only up 2.6 pounds from last Thusday so only a minor setback. I fell on my face but now I am dusting myself off and I am going to keep going. This is a 12 month challenge and I am only 4 months into it!

4 months of progress pictures.
I got to put them all together today. 
I think I was really leaning out in the first 3 pictures and I have noticeably more chest muscle mass in the 4th and 5th (Due to less cardio/carbs and more lifting). I am happy with Pictures 3 and 5
Picture 1    1-9-12:      176.8 lbs 16.9% body fat
Picture 2.   2-9-12:      172.0 lbs 15.9% body fat (Right before gave up bread for lent)
Picture 3    3-9-12:      169.4 lbs 14.8% body fat  (During recovery from sore knee, less cardio)
Picture 4    4-6-12:      170.6 lbs 14.1% body fat  (Gained weight/fat after Tough Mudder, Increased Cardio)
Pictures 5  5-11-12:    166.0 lbs 12.9% Body fat  (End of 4 week Primal Challenge)

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