Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Barefoot" Day 2 Week 6

After having such a crappy week last week things are back in full swing. Ellen is re-motivated to workout and we are working on getting back to an early morning workout schedule. Actually I agreed that if I do not workout in the morning I do not get to workout. We got a little later than ideal start this morning. We got to the gym at 5:25am and Ellen went in to use the Elliptical while I ran outside with our dog Winston. He had not run with me for 14 days and his longest so far was 2.5mi. My training plan called for 3.5mi and since Ellen is not running outside with me anymore I could not hand him over when he gets tired. We headed out on Spencer rd in the same route I did Tuesday. We finished 1 mile in 9:22 we were both feeling fresh as we got on to Shady Oaks Dr "the Road to Nowhere". We finished mile 2 in 9:24 and we were both going strong and keeping our pace. As we came up to Loop 288 the light was green so we sped up to a sub 8min pace but the light changed right as we got to the corner. Instead of being able to run down the east side of the road we took a right and went down the west side. At 2.6mi Winston started slowing down to an 11 min pace and I coaxed him as we went down the narrow strip of grass with cars zooming past us on our left. We got back to the gym parking lot just as we hit 3.1mi in 29:57. I jogged over the the car and dropped off Winston and finished out the last 0.25 miles alone. I did 3.52 miles in 33:58.

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