Thursday, September 8, 2011

Training Day 3 Week 4

After messing with my GPS watch for a while I realized the battery would not charge. I could only turn the unit on when it was in the charging dock and it would say "Charge Complete" when it was off and on the dock. I guess it thought the battery was full but it was completely empty. Luckily I was within the 30 day return policy and was super each to return and replace the watch. I did everything online without having to talk to customer service. They gave me a label to send it back via UPS and a new one will arrive today. They shipped a replacement overnight and I made the request around 11:30am CST. Yay, now I get a newer new toy. I hope this one functions better.

Distance: 3.5 mi
Time: 33:26
Average Pace: 9:33
Temp: 67 F
Start Time: 5:35 am
Mood: Alive
Lap 1
Distance: 2.1 mi
Pace: 10:01
Lap 2
Distance: 1.4mi
Pace: 8:51

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