Thursday, September 15, 2011

Training Day 3 Week 5

This morning I ran the same route as Monday morning. It was about 12-14 degrees cooler with a nice steady wind. I am like the auto alert on my watch telling me when I am going slower than 10min/mi because it keeps me going above my minimum speed. I reach my halway point turnaround in 19:51 (11 seconds slower than Monday) and I picked up the pace to 9min/mi. Right before mile 3 I saw something running along the sidewalk. It was too furry to be a possum and it did not move like a rabbit. I figured it might be a raccoon or a skunk so I made a slight detour. I pushed hard the last mile in 8:22 for a total of 4 miles in 37:04 which is 54 seconds faster than Monday. I forgot to stop my watch so it says 37:24 on

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