Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training Day 3 Week 7

It was harder to get out of bed today but I am committed to my routine and my goal so I hit the road 13 minutes after waking up. I started at a faster pace than Monday but averaged a little slower overall. My second mile was my slower because my watch was displaying average pace and not current pace so I was not pushing myself hard enough. This is my last run for the month and this is my highest mileage in a month so far. 63.3 miles compared to 45.8mi last month and 56.1 miles last November (10K training). I have not run indoors on a treadmill since August 9th about 8 weeks ago.

I need to go grocery shopping when I get paid tomorrow. All I have is cucumbers, grapes, half a powerade, and a beer.

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