Friday, October 14, 2011

C4W10D5 - Chest/Back Superset + Shoulders Part 3

I had the best strength training workout in last 2 months this morning. I am 7 lbs from my goal of bench pressing my own body weight. I have had to use the smith machine recently because I have no workout partner to spot me. I went to Smoothie King (they just keep sending me coupons) and as I was leaving I saw a line of 15-20 people outside the Sprint store. I thought for a second then yelled in my mocking high pitch voice, "Yay iPhone!" I wanted to shout that is is not even 4G LTE as I drove off but realized my antiPod outlook was making me a jerk.

Yesterday I got a text from my sister asking me if I had tried my favorite food porn from the only fast food restaurant that I have not been able to give up completely. In the past I would have craved said item just from the mention it but instead I emailed her that I had indeed tried it and had 2 at a time 3 or more times last fall during my "10k training" and I went on to explain that each one is 490 cal 15g fat 70g carbs and 18g protein. I explained how to modify it to make is less carb loaded then told her about giving up grains. She asked to borrow my Paleo book but instead I just bought her a copy on Amazon. I am always willing to buy people copies of Body For Life, Power of Now, and most recently The Paleo diet.

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