Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday part 2 (Indoor Rock Climbing)

Yesterday I worked until Noon then went to the EAS Sports Nutrition Seminar. If was geared more towards personal trainers and nutritionists/dieticians but I learn some valuable information and it re-ignited my desire to becomes certified and a personal trainer. I only work 4 days a week so I do have the extra time to do it. I skipped out early so I would miss the "cocktail reception" and I got an EAS backback and technical shirt and some free myoplex. Since I was in Dallas got ahold of my cousin and he invited me to go indoor rock climbing with him. I already had an intense workout in the morning but I agreed. I had alot of fun and did 4 courses with ropes and finished 3 of them and then did some bouldering. I got tired and both my calves cramped up so I just relaxed and watched him climb. I was there from 730 till about 10pm and I had only had a myoplex and an apple since noon so I was super hungry. I decided to eat some unhealthy food and now I am counting it as my free day. I am still in bed right now and plan to eat clean because I am running a 10K tomorrow morning. I know I will be sore and I can feel it in my calves, arches of my feet, lower back, and chest and shoulders. He goes every MWF and I might start joining him on fridays in place of a weight lifting workout.


  1. Bryan, we're glad you had a good time at the Nutrition Summit! How'd the 10k go? ~Jon @EAS