Thursday, October 6, 2011

Training Day 3 Week 8

Feeling alive and loving life!

I did my last 4.5mi training run this morning in 41:41. For the next 3 weeks I will be doing 5mi every tue/thur. I was bummed out the last 2 days but today I feel rested and revived. I jumped on the "RNG" this morning to record my weekly weight and it showed a number I have only seen twice, once during my first challenge and once when I got sick, 172 lbs. I am down 11.8 pound and 3.6% body fat. If I lose 1 more pound I will be at the lowest weight of my adult life. What is exciting to me is I have been focusing on running, lifting, and eating Paleo and my weight has been just a side note that I do not put too much focus on anymore. I am working up the courage to cancel my appointment at the Chiropractor tonight. I called yesterday to say Ellen could not make it and I wanted to reschedule but the receptionist was unwilling to move it to November 4th and said she would just note that she can't make it. I have read that Maximized Living networks is a scam.

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