Saturday, October 1, 2011

Training Day 4 Week 7 - CT Bike Ride Denton

I headed out on my 50 min bike ride and 3 minutes in my right pedal broke off and the nut stripped out. I walked my bike back home and tried to fix it. I considered rollerblading but I had my heart set on biking and I was planning to ride my bike to a friends hour later that day. In a fit of anger I drove over to the evil store that has a name misleading you to think they sell walls and bought the cheapest mountain bike they had. I asked the cashier the return policy and he said, "You can buy a watermelon here and eat it and return it if you don't like it. I am sure you can ride the bike once or twice and return it." The handlebar was a little loose so I tightened it and headed out for my ride. About 4 miles into my ride the handle became loose again and by the time I was halfway back home the brakes were pointing straight down. By the time I was a mile form the house I could barely balance.

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