Thursday, February 16, 2012


I got home from work and running last night and against my rules/habit I stepped on the scale, 170.8. I had a handful of walnuts and alot of water before bed.

I have hit a plateau 3 times right around 172 pounds. The first time was in March 2010 when I finished my first Body for Life Challenge. The second time way about a year later in March 2011 a halfway into my 3rd BFL challenge the week I hurt my back at 173lbs. I managed to stay in the 170s for 3 months. The third time was this past October during the final weeks of my half marathon training I was 172.4-173.6 for about 4 weeks. The last two weeks I was 172 and 173. The book I am reading calculates that my ideal racing weight is 163 based on my measured muscle mass.

This morning I got up just knowing I would see my first 160s number. I held my camera and stood on the scale, 171.0. I am still super excited since it is another pound down and my lowest weight even and finally broke the 172 mark.

Ellen got up and she saved her cast they cut off yesterday to remove her stiches. She asked me to weight it. I stepped on the scale again, 169.4, then while holding her cast 170.4. She was right it weights 1 pound.

I am not counting the 169.4 in my spreadsheet so I will behave and get my first official 160s weight next week at my weekly Thursday weigh in.

It dawned on me on later. I was holding my phone when I weighed in and my phones weight was included...

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